Treating the body from a global perspective

Injuries, pain or restrictive movement often start local but tend to spread throughout the whole body over time, changing posture and movement.

Structural Integration is a form of bodywork (to work with the body) that looks at the whole person, treating the system not the symptoms.

It improves postural awareness, ease of movement and supports long term pain relief.

Assessments look at the body from a global perspective, from static posture to movement and gait (how you walk).

Treatment involves fascial and myofascial (soft-tissue massage) treatment, which can help restore your body back to its individual place of balance.

Structural Integration will help you understand the cause and move towards new possibilities in your posture and movement.


Remedial massage targets a specific region that suffers from chronic pain, injury or movement restrictions using soft-tissue techniques.

Structural Bodywork treats globally, looks at the structural relationships in the body and bridges the gap between Remedial Massage and Structural Integration.

Structural Integration treats postural patterns, chronic pain and movement dysfunction over a series of 3 or 12 sessions, and helps you move towards new possibilities in posture and movement.

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Lewis, I’m a Remedial Massage and Bodywork Practitioner and I specialise in Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI).

I help treat postural and movement dysfunctions and restore overall body awareness and connection – this helps people feel and move at their best!

Observing postural patterns and the gait cycle (how people walk) is a hobby of mine – I just love people watching. This also informs my clinical practice, the way you move is your posture in motion.

The feet, hips and neck are may favourite areas to treat in clinical practice.

I believe that Bodywork is an amazing way to find your natural place of balance, alignment & movement ease and find long term relief from pain. It’s why I do what I do.

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